Director Messages

Lav mohan - Managing Director

It gives us immense pleasure and a sense of pride to be a part of the noble mission of imparting quality education to children from all the sections of society without prejudice and discrimination of any kind. The school management promises to give quality education to our kids which shall be at par with the best co-ed schools in India. We seek to create an environment where young minds will be nurtured by experts from different fields. We are committed to uphold the beliefs of those who have decided to bank their faith on us. Our Mission is to provide value education with the main focus on delivering Indian cultural values and sanskar in our children right from their early years, which lays the foundation stone of a bright future.

Lavina Mohan - Secretary

School is a temple and each learner is a worshipper. We are sculpting the students in a very soft manner. Students learn as they grow we are not leaving any stone unturned to shape them in a good personality. Nobody can achieve success overnight, to attain phenomenal success in any field one has to undergo hardships of life & has to endure pain. We towards teaching & our students to learning are moving ahead on the same path in academic field.

One thing I hear from our students & their parents is that they attend the school not just to learn the academics but for the entire experience differ than others. Suditi Global Academy is a place where students discover that learning is a fun. Our students are encouraged to become the best artistically, academically & athletically. We are committed to make our students good citizen of our country & we have been successful in our mission up to a great extent.